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for iPhone & iPad

Say goodbye to sleepless nights, parenting stress and adult whining about parenthood, as you can now ensure better safety of your kids, be it on-screen or off-screen, just at the tap of your phone. So get MobiRules today and monitor your kids from anywhere and anytime without having to be with them all the time!

46% of parents

use iPhone parental controls

Do you know that 46 percent of the U.S. parents monitor their kids’ iPhone and iPads, while 68 percent even check their browsing history? If you aren’t one of those parents who use parental controls, it’s time for you to look into reasons why iPhone parental control apps are thriving every passing day.
Using MobiRules, you can access your kids’ location, block Safari and all other apps that could come in the way of your kids’ optimal upbringing.

Limit Screen Time

Don’t let your kids compromise their sleep, grades or health for screen time. Limit their cell phone use using MobiRules’ extensive iPhone parental control app.

Powerful App Blocker

Block Safari, Camera or a third-party app using MobiRules powerful iOS parental control app.

Schedule App Blocking

Create multiple app blocking schedules for different times of the day so you don’t have to manually block apps.

View Installed Apps

View the list of installed apps on their iPhone, iPad or iPod to ensure no adult app is making its way into to your children’s lives.

SOS Alerts

Tell your kids to send an SOS alerts if they are in danger. MobiRules iPhone monitoring app will send you an alert, plus their location so you could get to them in time.

Location Tracking

Pull out your phone and get your kids' location details anytime. MobiRules uses the built-in GPS tracker on your kids’ iPhones and iPads to monitor their location.

Schedule. Block. Protect.

An iPhone Parental Control for iOS that does it all

MobiRules isn’t just an iPhone monitoring app for parents, it’s, in fact, a family app where parents can interact with their kids, view their location and driving speed, make daily to-do checklists and do a lot more.

Shared Guardianship

Share the digital parenting responsibilities with your partner; take turns when the other one is busy, or keep a mutual check on your kids’ iPhones and iPads.

Flash Alerts

No need sign into your MobiRules app all the time. Set alerts, and get notifications on your cell phone whenever a related activity is detected on your children’s iPhones and iPads.

Comming Soon!

Family To-do list

Plan a to-do list for every member of the family. Assign chores, duties, and roles so everyone knows what they are categorically up to on a certain day.

iPhone Parental Control App For

An Apple Parental Control App That’s Protecting Your Kids Even Outside Their Digital World!

Ensure safety of your kids even outside their digital realm with MobiRules that can track their location, provide alerts for over speeding (when your teen is driving), and notifies you instantly if your kids are in any sort of trouble.

MobiRules Circle

Make MobiRules Circle when you have more than just your kids’ iOS devices to monitor. MobiRules can come in handy more than just within the vicinity of your home.

In-app Chat

Connect with your kids or partner without the need to leave MobiRules Apple Parental Control Software. if you have sent a message, you also get a notification when others have read it.

Family Map

Find the location of other members and even get their exact location coordinates and address.

Content Rating

Limit content by age, block adult websites and hide explicit content from showing up on your children’s smartphones and tablets.

Clear Passcode

Keep the ‘No Password Rule' rolling in your home with MobiRules iPhone Parental Control’s Clear Passcode. Use MobiRules to clear passcode on your child’s Phone or iPad for when you require an emergency access to their devices.

Understand MobiRules Better with Our Extensive FAQs

Got any pre-purchase queries or need to learn how MobiRules app works? We have got it all covered. But don’t hesitate to get help from our Support, because we are always here to help you out!

  • How to block a specific app on an iPhone?
  • Using an iPhone parental control like MobiRules, you can block specific, stock or third-party apps quite easily. You can even schedule app blocking and set create multiple blocking schedules for the entire day to avoid having to do it manually. You can block their access to Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, Twitter, and all other apps installed on their iPhones, especially when it's their bedtime, mealtime or study time.

  • How does MobiRules work?
  • A MobiRules Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile is installed on the child’s iPhone or iPad either using iTunes or directly through the web, while a MobiRules app is installed by the parent/guardian on their personal cell phone. The MDM profile allows parents to remotely monitor their children’s iPhone using the MobiRules app.

  • How is MobiRules different from other parental control apps?
  • MobiRules isn’t just an iOS parental control but a complete social app for families where parents can set digital rules, create to-do lists for every member and can chat with them within a safe and personal IM space. MobiRules can also monitor your children’s outdoor activities like their current location or the driving speed when they are handed over the car keys.

  • I am looking for parental controls for iPhone 6, is MobiRules compatible?
  • Yes, MobiRules work with all iOS devices running iOS 8.0 or above, including iPhone 6/6-Plus, 6S/6S-Plus, and 7/7-Plus devices.

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MobiRules parental monitoring software has what it takes to keep tabs on children’s online activity using a minimalist and easy-to-access mobile control panel. MobiRules provides parents more chances for negotiations with their kids by empowering them with the right amount of authority. Parents can schedule how and when their kids can use their iPhones and iPads and protect them against different online and offline risks by devising a better cell phone usage plan. MobiRules parental monitoring opens new channels of dialogue that are necessary to inculcate the values of responsible online behavior within a child.

With more room for communication, you can teach your child to deal with cybercrime, cyberbullying and unsolicited access to explicit content.

iOS Parental Control

3 steps to safer digital space

You Can Start Monitoring Your Child’s iPhone with MobiRules in Just Under 5 Minutes.

Download MobiRules

Download and install MobiRules on your phone or tablet.

Add Family/Work Members

Signup using the in-app instructions and add family/work members.

Start Monitoring Screen Time

Log in to MobiRules app and start monitoring screen time on your kids’ devices.