MobiRules— The Better Screen Time Control App

No need to take their phones away and no more “no-phone zones” anymore. Let your kids take their phones anywhere that they want but only after having MobiRules installed on them. This will allow you to schedule times of the day when they can access their apps or browse the internet on their iPhones and iPads. Due to this, MobiRules is going to be your favorite screen time parental control app in no time. Download today and start managing screen time of your kids the right way.

MobiRules— The Better Screen Time Control App

Kids Daily Spend 9 Hours On Social Media – Cut It Down with MobiRules

A staggering 9 hours of social networking isn’t a pretty figure, especially not for our kids. For their mental and physical health, a balanced life could do wonders. So use MobiRules to limit their screen time and make provide them with better replacement activities.

Screen Time Monitoring with Selective App Blocking

Screen Time Monitoring with Selective

App Blocking

Don’t deprive your kids of the assistance that their iPhones or iPads can offer them during their study time. With many schools the U.S. making iPads a part of students’ curriculum, selective app blocking ensures that your kids’ access to vital apps like dictionaries, browser and other third-party educational apps isn’t cut out.

  • Blocking/unblock stock apps like Safari, Camera, and iTunes Store
  • Schedule blocking/unblocking for third-Party Apps
  • Prevent in-app purchases

Understand MobiRules Screen Time App Better with Our Extensive FAQs

Got any pre-purchase queries or need to learn how MobiRules Screen Time Parental Control App works? We have got it all covered. But don’t hesitate to get help from our Support team, because we are always here to help you out!

  • How many Schedules Can I make using MobiRules Screen Time App?
  • You can make unlimited app blocking schedules with MobiRules. We know the importance of better screen time scheduling and that’s why there aren’t limitations on how you can do the app scheduling.

  • Can I schedule app blocking for all apps?
  • MobiRules App scheduling works with stock apps like Safari, Camera and FaceTime and any third-party application installed on your children’s iPhones and iPads.

  • What happens if I manually unblock/block apps between the scheduled app blocking session?
  • Your manual app blocking command will overrule scheduled app blocking but your app blocking schedule won’t be removed or changed.

  • What’s the optimal screen time for my child?
  • According to the guidelines provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the optimal screen time for children six years and older depends on individual families’ lifestyle and routines. The general rule is, whatever is left after sleep, school, homework time, outdoor activities, social contact, mealtimes, could be apportioned to digital media, which usually wouldn't be more than a couple of hours.

The Power of


MobiRules parental monitoring software has what it takes to keep tabs on children’s online activity using a minimalist and easy-to-access mobile control panel. MobiRules provides parents more chances for negotiations with their kids by empowering them with the right amount of authority. Parents can schedule how and when their kids can use their iPhones and iPads and protect them against different online and offline risks by devising a better cell phone usage plan. MobiRules parental monitoring opens new channels of dialogue that are necessary to inculcate the values of responsible online behavior within a child.

With more room for communication, you can teach your child to deal with cybercrime, cyberbullying and unsolicited access to explicit content.

iOS Parental Control

3 steps to safer digital space

You Can Start Monitoring Your Child’s iPhone with MobiRules in Just Under 5 Minutes.

Download MobiRules

Download and install MobiRules on your phone or tablet.

Add Family/Work Members

Signup using the in-app instructions and add family/work members.

Start Monitoring Screen Time

Log in to MobiRules app and start monitoring screen time on your kids’ devices.