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  • What is MobiRules?
  • MobiRules is a screen time parental control app that parents can install (through a mutual consent) on their kids’ iOS-based devices. The sole purpose of the app is to encourage better routines in children’s lives by monitoring their screen time.

  • How can you monitor screen time using MobiRules?
  • You can monitor screen time using MobiRules app blocking features. You can either block/unblock apps manually or use the app blocking schedules. The latter allows you to set multiple schedules for meal times, sleep time and study hours or any other time of the during when you want to limit your child’s cell phone use. Moreover, you can also put these schedules on repeat without having to set them every day.

  • How do I get started with MobiRules?
  • By installing MobiRules on your iOS device, you are half there already. The app that you have installed on your device is the MobiRules Parent App.

    To start monitoring your kids’ iPhone/iPad, you will need to sign up for MobiRules. Once done, you can then add a child device to your MobiRules Parent App using the in-app instructions.

    You can also install MobiRules Child App on your kids’ iPhone/iPad that provides your child with features like “Pick Me Up” and “SOS Alerts”.

  • What’s the role of MobiRules Child App?
  • MobiRules Child App allows your child to share their location details on your cell phone or send location-based commands. For instance, with the SOS Alert Button, they can instantly inform you of an emergency while the “PickMeUp” feature, they can inform you about when to pick them up from a certain location.

  • How does MobiRules Child App work?
  • MobiRules Child App works together with the MobiRules Parent App and allows children to send location-based alerts to their parents/guardians. These location-based alerts include “SOS Alert Button” that sends an emergency help alert and “PickMeUp” that provides parents with the child’s address and pickup time.

  • What is an MDM profile?
  • A Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile is installed on the child’s device allowing parents to manage screen time on their children’s iPhones, iPads, and iPods. A parent/guardian needs a consent of their child before using MobiRules on their personal devices.

  • Need help?
  • If you have any queries relating to MobiRules, send us an email to