• Parent & Child App Pairing

    MobiRules Child App is paired with the parent app.

  • Dashboard

    Children can send different location-based alerts to the MobiRules Parent App.

  • Navigation Menu

    The navigation drawer gives the child access to the entire MobiRules Child App.

  • Profile Editing

    MobiRules kids can also edit their profile photo, name, and age on the MobiRules Child App.

  • SOS Alerts

    Children can send SOS alerts on the parent’s phone using MobiRules. Also, each SOS alert comes with date, time and address stamps.

  • PickMeUp

    A child can send pickup alerts on the parent’s smartphone. Pickup alerts also get address, time and date stamps.

The Power of


MobiRules parental monitoring software has what it takes to keep tabs on children’s online activity using a minimalist and easy-to-access mobile control panel. MobiRules provides parents more chances for negotiations with their kids by empowering them with the right amount of authority. Parents can schedule how and when their kids can use their iPhones and iPads and protect them against different online and offline risks by devising a better cell phone usage plan. MobiRules parental monitoring opens new channels of dialogue that are necessary to inculcate the values of responsible online behavior within a child.

With more room for communication, you can teach your child to deal with cybercrime, cyberbullying and unsolicited access to explicit content.

iOS Parental Control

3 steps to safer digital space

You Can Start Monitoring Your Child’s iPhone with MobiRules in Just Under 5 Minutes.

Download MobiRules

Download and install MobiRules on your phone or tablet.

Add Family/Work Members

Signup using the in-app instructions and add family/work members.

Start Monitoring Screen Time

Log in to MobiRules app and start monitoring screen time on your kids’ devices.